Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Security Warning

I just read that burglars read blogs to see when people aren't home. So from now on, I'm at home. With a shotgun, a hungry crocodile, and Snoop the killer...Beagle?


  1. Foiled again!

    Funny! Once you get the RV done, you really will be at home all the time. :O)

  2. I've just started reading your blog, wow, what a project you've taken on. In the before pics, you don't show the BR, was it a twin model? And in redoing everything will you change the floorplan?

    Looking forward to more pictures.


  3. Security is something that I've thought about - I'd like to use to blog to keep in touch with people when we are on the road, but then people will know that we're not home. I went through my website to make sure references to my location are removed, but my last name (which is my website url) is pretty unique... so what to do? Get a new domain is one answer.

  4. Kate - She is a twin bed....I did plan to customize her layout but with the news today it is a lost cause.

  5. Laura -I think you have a great idea. There are ways to setup a special blog where only members can read them.
    Bad news about Gypsy today but keep watching I'm working on a deal for Gypsy II.


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