Sunday, November 21, 2010


Since the roof repairers couldn't get Gypsy in this year, I had to cover her up. It will allow me to keep working inside without further water damage, but it almost seems like I covered her personality in the process.
Because the windshield leaks too, I bought a big enough tarp to cover the roof & the windshield both. Covering her windshield seems like it took away her ability to see out.

For the next few months, she won't want to see the Michigan winter anyway.

I rescued her from an early demise, to borrow from Kid Rock, she was "tired, frail & aching, waiting patiently for the sun to set". I have seen her at her worst, rotted, leaking, systems failing, on her last ...tire...I hope I have the fortitude & stamina to bring her back to the beauty I know she can be. After all, she was Born Free, born to be wondering, not covered up in a Michigan backyard.  Only time will tell.


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