Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wasps do more than sting.

We've been noticing an odor in the rig. Seems especially strong this summer. More than the past. Especially when flushing the toilet. I had a hunch there was some type of vent pipe blockage. 

This is the factory installed vent pipe cover. Really just designed to keep the rain out. 
Here is what I found under the cover......after I killed a hundred or so Yellow Jackets. 
You can see they had the vent pipe almost completely blocked off.  Only about 1/2 inch left for the air to escape. 
I found this product at Amazon.

 It is designed to suck or siphon out the sewer gasses without any power or wind or fans. 
Here it is all installed & ready for action. Hopefully this solves BOTH the odor and insect problems. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My first official Work Camping position.

I've been working this summer for a friend helping with the lawn mowing and handyman jobs in exchange for a place to keep the rig.