Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's official - I made the deal!

Help me name her.

1987 Fleetwood Southwind. See the pics on the Unnamed preview tab!

Possible names:
Windy - From Southwind
Reva - "One that moves"
Sundara - "Beautiful"
Polly - "Sweet"
Pandora - "Trouble"
Nuada - "Protector"
EOS - "Goddess of Dawn"
Leda - "Woman"
Freya - "Lady"
Hera - "Chosen One"
Aishe - "Alive"
Nadya - "Hope"
Simza - "Joy"
Jofranka - "Free"
Pixie - "Mischievous"
Vesta - "Goddess of the Home"


  1. All joking aside, she looks like she's already ready to start your full-timing adventure compared to her predecessor, Gypsy.

  2. Matt - Yes this gal is in much better condition. While Gypsy's to-do list was several pages long, this one could be ready to go with only a few repairs. Almost everything is already working, as opposed to almost nothing working. I'm sure she will be ready before I am. I still have several irons in the fire that all have to be taken care of before I can hit the road. It will be a while yet.

  3. I like EOS as it is the dawn of a new day for you and the start of a new life :-) Good luck and I look forward to seeing pictures of you making her into a home.

  4. Thanks Laura - I will be posting more pics as the project progresses. Even though she is in great condition, like you say, I still need to make her "mine" and "home". It is gonna be fun!!

  5. Heyduke50 - I did think about Gypsy II and am still considering it. A friend suggested that I consider other names so I am.

    Thanks for your input!


  6. Since the Kar Kaddy's name is "Dolly", I could use "Polly" and have "Polly & Dolly"...lol

    Geez, picking a name should not be hard...right?


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