Sunday, November 28, 2010

All of RV Blogland, please read my idea

There seem to be many of us who are planning to go full-time, but for whatever reason, have not yet. I like finding & reading about other bloggers who are preparing for the road.

I wondered if there is a way to tell quickly if the blog is about someone all ready on the road, or someone getting ready to go.

Here is my idea, I have added a "*" to the end of my blog title to indicate I am not on the road yet.

What do you all think? Good idea, or goofy one?  Will it work?

If you are a "wannabe"  like me, add a "*" to the end of your title & I'll know you are not on the road yet.

If you like this idea, feel free to post about it & pass it on. Let's see if we can change the



  1. done..added it to mine..we are on the countdown to I will have the * for a while longer...come along for the ride!!

  2. Done, I think the * will be on my blog for quite a few years to come.


  3. I think its brilliant, I dont even plan to be a full time RV'er just when the urge strikes and the weather is good and I got nothing pending! Def will be the Good Times for sure--

  4. Terrific idea! I just changed mine. I'll write a post on it soon.


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