Sunday, January 30, 2011

***POST NUMBER 100***

Two milestones this week. My first ever trip to the SW AND reaching my first 100 blog posts.

A little about my trip.

As I said above, I'd never been to the SW before, South Dakota was as close as I'd ever been before. Arizona is very different, but nice. I'm sure in the summer months it gets really hot, but right now, it is very comfortable. I look forward to returning.

For those of you who have never been to Quartzsite The shirt explains it all. I don't think I saw 1000 stick houses there, but I say 10,000's of RV's. They are EVERYWHERE. RV parks, BLM lands, campgrounds, RV sale lots, in store lots, at McDonald's, everywhere you look there are RV's.
If you meet someone who claims to live in Quartzsite, they more than likely live in an RV. Even the folks who run the RV parks & campgrounds, live in RV's. The only town I've ever been in where "Trailer Trash" far outnumbers the typical sticks & bricks homeowner.

Although I was slightly disappointed in the RV show itself, it was worth the trip to see the spectacle of Quartzsite itself. looks to me like a place I could fit right in.

New ones, used ones, downright old ones, Class A's, B's, C's, 5th wheels, TT's, Toy haulers, Homemade "things".....I've never seen anything like it.

Although it was a short trip it was still a great time. It is always fun to experience new places. thanks to my sisters for putting me up while I was there. It was of course great to see family too.

Overall, a great time. Thanks everyone for coming along.


  1. I think every RVer needs to experience Q at least once. Then you either love it or hate it...for me, I'm addicted to dust. It kicks off several months of enjoying boondocking in AZ.

  2. glad to hear your perspective of Quartzsite! day we will have to venture to the Q and see it for ourselves!!

  3. I hope to go to the big Q some day. Glad you had a good time!


  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences there. As one who lives vicariously through others it was nice to feel the warmer weather, not to mention see what Q was all about (gotta get there myself some day!)


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