Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreams, responsibilities, and time....

Someone brought to my attention my blog in recent weeks has had nothing to do with it's title, "RV-ADVENTURE-BOUND", and has them wondering if my dream has died.

I want to assure everyone that my dreams & desires of eventual full-timing and life on the road are as strong as ever.

There are many things in our lives that are completely out of our control & one of them is Mother Nature. Living in Michigan I am forced to endure several months of weather that is downright unpleasant. Everything from cold, snow, freezing rain, sleet, wind, etc. Not the kind of weather that lends itself well to working on an RV outside. I am in that time period right now. Until at least March or April, it will be difficult to proceed with many outside projects on the RV as you never know what the next day will bring.

Yes, it is true I now own a "home with wheels", so why not just go? Because, I also own a sticks & bricks home that has to be emptied, & then sold and that takes time. With the housing market in the toilet, I'd be lucky to even break even. I still have one dependent child living with me & I need him to be self sufficient before I leave, & I still have a job here that I'm not financially able to walk away from just yet.

So rather than just let the blog sit for months without anything new, I have been using it as an outlet for my twisted sense of humor. Some get it, some don't, but it is me. I've had many positive comments from followers that they look forward to my daily dose of humor, so I have continued. Maybe it is true that it has little to do with RVing, but the blog is really about me, & the posts are examples of thing I find humorous.

So for the time being, my motorhome (Dora) sits in my yard patiently awaiting Spring & the many projects and trips, her & I will be embarking on & blogging about. But for now, I'm doing my best to get by. I have done a couple very small projects on her this winter, but I felt they were too insignificant to even mention. So that's my story, & I'm sticking to it!


  1. Keep with the dream. Sometimes life has other plans for us in the near term, but having a long term dream or goal keeps us going. Keep it up! What are the first projects you think you'll work on?

  2. keep your dream alive, Andy!..we, too are waiting until our blog will be about the life in an Rv!..it is all about the journey as to how we get there!..don't let the 'negative nellie's' get you down!..we will be here waiting and reading along as you wait for the winter doldrums to be over and you can be outside working on your 'home on wheels'!..we enjoy your 'twisted sense of humour'..so keep on keeping on!!!! we will here reading along!!!

  3. Well, there's the problem, yer trying to go straight into fulltiming, ya gots ta take some vacation time and take Dora on some adventures, just remember yer chains on yer way south out of Michigan :p.

    Always best to break the rig in before the big push in any event and it'll also help you figure out all the irks and quirks that you'll have to fix before the big event comes.

  4. Laura - Good idea. I'll do a post on the project list I have for Dora.

    Sue & Doug - Thanks. You two are great!

    Matt - Absolutely I'm taking some break-in trips. I'm not leaving full-time for at least two more years.

  5. Since I'm in the same winter situation here in Wisconsin as you are in Michigan, your humous posts help me pass the time waiting for the snow to melt. Please don't stop. Other wise I'll be forced to read someone else's blog that does have something to do with RVing which might give me cabin fever.
    I'll be doing (another) project list post for my bus this week, too. I'll look forward to reading yours :o)

  6. Good stuff, Andy. Glad to hear the dream is still alive, and for the record, I'm a big fan of your sense of humor too. Just doing my civic duty as a loyal reader to make sure you're staying on track! Because, hey, somebody has to, right?

    If I may offer a word of advice -- never assume any projects you do on the rig or anything else you do towards meeting your ultimate goal of full-timing is insignificant. Just write about it and let the audience decide about that. If your experience is anything like mine, you'll often be surprised by what gets people commenting. And sometimes disappointed by what doesn't...

  7. Carol - Keep checking. I'll try to get some pics this weekend of the upcoming projects.

    Glenn - Thanks. I knew you meant no harm. I appreciate your experience & keeping me on track.

  8. Great...I've got my eye on you.



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