Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dora's Project list

One of the first projects is to get her licensed and registered with the state.

It is hard to see but this is Dora's muffler & it is split wide open so she needs a new muffler.

She will need to be filled up.....about $300.

I need to replace the plastic shroud around the "Fantastic" fan in the living room.

This is the bottom of the rear canopy support. It needs some attention. I'm having a new mounting plate made.

This is the upper rear canopy support. It also needs attention. I'm planning to remove it, install new heavy duty anchors, and reinstall the mount.

Dora this morning at -4 F. It is bitter cold out there.

This is just a partial list of the projects I'll be starting on as soon as the weather here warm up. We are only expecting a hight today in the teens.


  1. Looks like a fun little to-do list you've got cooking there, Andy. Good stuff. Sunny and high 70s here in Burbank today. Wish I could send a little Fahrenheit action your way...we've got a little to spare. Hang tough -- spring will be here before you know it.

  2. Andy,

    I would check out the sealent around the marker lights as well. ALL of mine looked sealed but were leaking. Good luck with the repairs!


  3. Glenn - Thanks but I couldn't wait. Headed your way this weekend. I've been wanting to see the Quartzsite show so I'm coming out. Got sisters near Phoenix so I can do a visit & see the show in a few days. Plus, get away from this bitter cold!

    Erik, Thanks I'll be sure to look at those lights too.

  4. Looks like its time to rent a work space indoors somewhere and fire up some big heaters so you can get to work right away and break the monotony of cold.

    Here, I'd relish some cold, I'm getting sick of mud and flood.

  5. looks like you have a few items on your 'Dora to do list'!..that will keep you out of trouble!!!

  6. I was just out there the end of Oct. (I used to live out there) and I was visiting my brother who still lives out there in Gilbert area. I hope you have a great trip Andy. I'm impatiently awaiting warmer weather, too, so I can get crackin on my bus conversion again. Your list is a good start. How long you gonna be out there? Post some photos of Quartzsite...pleeease?

  7. Carol,
    I will get pics at Quartzsite while I'm out there. I'll be in Gilbert too, my sisters live there. I'll only be there a few days I have to be back Sun afternoon. I only get to be a Quartzsite one day (Fri).


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