Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday morning cartoons

Some of us are old enough to remember when the only cartoons on TV were on Saturday mornings. In today's world of cartoons 24/7, the once common term "Saturday Morning Cartoons" is a term no longer valid so no longer used.

Then there are the terms used widely today that didn't exists back then like "blogging", "internet", "webpage", and "cellphone". Using any of these words back in the 70's would have gotten strange looks from the folks in that time. Yet today they are routinely part of everyday conversation.

One term still in use today as it was back then is taking a, "Saturday afternoon nap"....hummm.....not a bad idea.


  1. a nap sounds like a great idea!!..good for you!

  2. I want a nap, my Ford Taurus hates me, its plastic power steering pulley cracked.

  3. A nap would be great since I didn't sleep well last night, prior to flying to Tucson. However, instead of sleeping on the flight I have my airplane noise deadening headphones on, country on my iPod and RV blogs to catch up on. I'm on a cloud.

  4. Better than being in a world of pain, which I am from spending my weekend doing repair work on my Ford Taurus.

    It works fine again, $300 and a sore back later.


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