Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

It's the day after Christmas and all through the estates,
Everyone is napping after emptying their plates,
The presents are all opened, the stockings are bare,
The Christmas tree is falling over, but no one seems to care,
The kitchen is in shambles, the whole house torn apart,
What was that noise, did Uncle Wilber just fart?

The food is all eaten, the booze is all drank,
The cupboards are empty, as is the fish tank?
There's packages, ribbons, and bows everywhere,
In a planter I found someone's underwear,

All I can say, and I say it with some fears,
Just wait till next week, the day after NEW YEARS!!!


  1. Andy, if I need a laugh all I need to do is visit your blog! Happy day after Christmas!

    Go BEARS!!!!!!! :)


  2. This makes up for the previous post and thanks for the humor.


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