Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The lottery of life.

Someone asked me "how can you afford quit your job and go be a gypsy? "
I said "it's easy, I won the lottery,  yep $200 million". They said "you did not".
And they were right, I did not. But what if I had? No one would think twice about me quitting if I had won the Lottery. Money, is all the lottery changes.  What do you suppose I'd do if I had won? I'm thinking I'd do things I enjoy, have more fun, travel. I'd like to believe I'd donate a lot of money to good causes like curing diabetes. Something dear to my heart.
Life does cost money and I don't know of any way around that - but what I do know is it CAN cost a lot less money than most of us think. Also I believe that making money does not have to be work but can be fun.
So how can I afford to quit my job and be a gypsy?  I can't -  living my former lifestyle. I've drastically changed my lifestyle and I will still be occasionally employed.  But my hope never have to "work" again. I know I'm already appreciating things I used to completely overlook. There's incredible beauty all around us if we can just step back from the rush of making a living in order to fill our big house full of see it.

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