Monday, June 1, 2015

14 days. My first two weeks as a full-time RV-er.

Although I'm not yet “on the road”, I am living full-time in my 5er so technically I'm a full-timer. I want to document what I'm thinking after the first two weeks.
The pros:
  • Beautiful scenery. I'm staying right on a private lake. I could not afford to buy a house in such a beautiful spot.
  • Less. Less stuff to take care of, less space to clean, no lawn to mow. I vacuum my whole house with a Dustbuster in less than 10 minutes. (Less is also a Con.)
  • Freedom. I feel much free-er. Nothing holding me back. I can move on a whim, or not. I have choice to be where I want.
  • Lower expenses. No property taxes, no mortgage. Much lower utility bills.
  • Carpe-dufaw. This doesn't mean anything......I can still just be silly.
  • All the comforts of home. I still have a couch, tv, fridge. My own bathroom & shower. Coming home from work is much the same as it was before as far as “comfort” goes.
  • Less. Moving from 1300 sq feet to under 300 is hard. Even for me who has very little attachment to stuff. I'd estimate that right now I own less than 10% the amount of stuff I did one year ago. It's still too much. You just have to drastically limit yourself on stuff. I am keeping a lot of tools because they can earn income in my travels and my fishing gear because, well heck, a guy has to have priorities.
  • Temperature. The rv is much more affected by outside temperature than a house is. Makes sense, with much thinner roofs and walls. So when it's cold outside, it's cold inside and vise-versa. It's workable, but a noticeable difference.
  • Build quality. RV's at least anything remotely affordable to me are made pretty cheaply. This low quality can create issues that shouldn't exist but do. Again, nothing you can't tolerate in most cases but it's a shame they are not built better.

So that's about it thus far. Plenty to still do and learn but it's my starting point. So far I wouldn't trade it to go back.

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