Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Headboard installation


  1. nice work on the headboard, Andy!!!

  2. That came out looking nice :). So, did you need to notch the head board to fit around the exposed heater ducting from when you took out the old cabinetry?

  3. That woodwerkin' is mitey good lookin'. I see's ya put a reminder as to what that bed is fer with that layin's bedspread, what with you a knowin' them Lions is always a layin' down fer the oppersition' every week the way they do.

  4. S&D - Thanks, it is coming along.

    Matt - I do have to notch it for some drain & electric lines. I'm also gonna lower it about 3" to fit under the windows.

    Mr. Vayne - The Lions comforter is just to irritate my friend Erik over at Erik's RV Blog* My Viking friend who's a Bears fan.


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