Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dora's New Bed!

Now just waiting on the headboard to arrive. Once that is here, I'll put down the new carpet and get the bed & headboard bolted down. then tweaking the headboard with power outlets and reading lights. a little tweaking on the heater outlet in the wall too.


  1. Looks great but the Lions bed spread needs to go! :)~


  2. Thanks Bob.

    Erik - I knew that would get a rise out of you...lol. Cut me some slack, I am from Michigan. Plus I have a gal pal who is a dedicated Lions fan. Once I get the headboard I'll put something else on there just for show.

  3. well good for your gal pal who likes football!!..nice works so far on the reno of Dora!!

  4. Nice, never seen it done that way before, usually most RV beds are just dropped on top of a box frame with cabinetry underneath.

    Looks like you probably could have squeezed a queen in there ;).

  5. S & D - Thanks. It is coming along.

    Matt - A queen would have fit but I would not have been able to walk into the room. I want to be able to stand up in the bedroom & not crawl from the hallway onto the bed.
    The frame is a $50 Walmart frame. I can store stuff in containers under there too. Was fast, easy & simple.


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