Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Plan Update:

The best laid plans.
A lot has happened in the last several weeks. The dream is not dead but it is severely injured.
It is a long story but here are the highlights.
Several technical and financial setbacks have made following through with my plans at this time difficult at best. But even more importantly is my realization that I love Eileen very much and I'd rather be here with her than anyplace else without her. Even if that means another Midwestern winter.
When the time is right for both of us, she and I will start the travel dream together. For now, being together is what matters most.
So come October I'll be moving to Fort Wayne to begin the next chapter. Not the path I planned but a brand new path full of new challenges and opportunities.
Who knows, I might even find a fun new job in the interim.
It is time for a change and at this point in time I believe this is the right choice.
Bring it on life.....I refuse to go down.


  1. You know...your favorite Frontier girl works in Fort Wayne. Just sayin ;) Hope it all works out!

    Jenna :)


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