Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My new Empire heater arrived today.

I was very happy to see my new heater had arrived from Amazon already today. I set right to work finding the ideal location to keep it when not in use. I think you will be impressed with my ingenuity.

This is the side of the TV cabinet. The factory furnace is inside here so the bottom area is mostly used for that. One shelf I'll have to shorted but that's all.
Cutting out the new hole.
Measuring the space requirements.
Test fitting.
In it's new home. Now you see it.......
Now you don' see the Bass Island Lighthouse. The heater is safely tucked away in it's own out of the way spot. I bought a 12 ft flexible hose so I can pull the heater out and set it about anywhere in the camper.
This was pretty much just wasted space. I lost only about 6 inches of shelf space inside the cabinet.


  1. Sleek! The heater fits just right on your home. That's just about the perfect kind for your purposes, small and compact. Gotta keep a mental note of that then, for when you'll have to buy another or so. In any way, proper maintenance and regular checking will make that function at its full extent. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Sue Berry @ Advanced Appliance Service Inc.

  2. Thanks Sue. It did work out nicely. I looked for a long time before I settled on this one. Honestly though, I got really lucky that it fit to with only 1/2" to spare.


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