Saturday, February 7, 2015

The future of RV Toilets.

I've been watching this company for several years now. Once they develop a biodegradable bag material, and can reduce the cost of the bags,  this will be so much better than using a "stinky slinky."  Even less "gross" than a composting toilet. One day I'll probably have one in my RV.


  1. Think I'll keep right on dealing with the slinkies (which aren't bad if you use your tank flush and a good quality hose), we can fill our 50 gallon black tank in five days between the two of us, wouldn't want to think of the joy of carrying plastic bags out frequently :p.

    1. Also, you'll still have the slinky for the gray water, and it can smell and be far worse than the black :p

  2. Both very good points Matt. I was thinking it would be nice to not have to wait in line to dump the black tank. I can use a blue boy for the gray, but your right, still takes a slinky, and still may have to be in line.

    Oh well, it looks cool. Kinda like a space ship toilet.

  3. The wife and I fill our black tank faster than most I think because we make sure to use a lot of water. I don't mind dumping the dump more often since this makes it easier to flush.

    I don't know about the composting idea... I've heard they bring the smell with them and the flies, maybe I'm wrong?

  4. Erik, This one is not actually a composting. This one is more like a sealed package to dispose of. Check out this video from the Wynns on composting toilets. They answer the smell issue.


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