Saturday, August 2, 2014

Solar rewiring project.

One of the biggest challenges for the new solar "system" is relocating the battery to the new location where the bank of 4 batteries will reside. I need to relocate them both for better current flow and for better weight distribution. 

This is the original battery box. About two thirds of the way back on the trailer. 

This is the new location. The front storage bay on the fifth wheel. In here, I can position the batteries direct center on the trailer for better weight distribution. The original location would have put too much weight on one side. Once installed they will weigh about 280 lbs.
This was a BITCH!!!
The undercarriage is all sealed being the Designer Series is considered a 4 season camper. I had a heck of a time finding a route from the original battery box to the front, and from the front back to the AC breaker box. I got it, but it took two full days.   

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