Monday, July 28, 2014

The upgrades begin.

I'm planning to setup the new 5ver to be boon-dock ready. I ordered the solar panels, inverter, and cables/accessories over the last few weeks. I have already purchased a Trimetric meter and 30 amp solar controller.

 I'm planning to replace the roof seals this weekend with Eternabond and after cleaning and priming, giving the roof a few coats of Kool Seal. It's pretty black up there. Anxious to get it new and white again before I mount the solar panels.

Other upgrades are all interior lights are now LEDS, new water pump, and new 12-volt stereo/dvd player. Also new outside speakers. Eventually going to replace the RV toilet with a composting one.

I should have some pics to post this weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. I cleaned our roof after only being under walnut trees for a few months. It was almost black, took a full two days to get clean again.


  2. nice to see you back to blogging again! I had wondered where you got to, but now I see you have been very busy! nice new to you rig!!


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