Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inner Work

Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me over the last several months even though this blog has not been about RV's or adventure.

I have been doing some serious soul searching and am trying to decide the direction I will take in this next phase of my life. I still believe the full-time travel is what I want to do, I just need to get a lot of loose ends tied before I can get serious about getting on the road. Life has handed me so many changes over the last few years, divorcing after 23 years, my daughter getting married, & my son preparing to move on to his own life, sometimes I feel like I've lost my direction. So many years as a husband and father where everyday was about taking care of my family, now that is all gone & you start to feel a little out of place. On the one hand the new options are exciting. I can do anything I want, anytime I want & there is no one to say no. On the other hand, options make it harder to continue doing things you don't have to do anymore. It was much easier to go to work everyday when I HAD to. Never really gave it any thought, I just did it like a zombie...day after day. Now that it is gonna be just Snoop Dog and I, I really don't need the same things I needed as a family man.

I struggled with a bout of depression recently that pretty much took away all my ambition as far as working on Dora or really doing much of anything. I'm feeling much better of late and am starting to feel like getting back to some of my projects. Hopefully, things will continue moving forward for me.

Thanks again for hanging in here. I don't plan to stop the humorous stuff, just hope to have more RV related stuff to talk about too. 


  1. Wishing I had something smart & encouraging to say. Nope. But I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do! And I'm glad you won't stop the humor. :)

  2. I'm in the same boat except I was married for 25 yrs. I'm still trying to adjust and it's been 2 yrs since my divorce. I'm glad you've found your positive self again and see the good things about your new life :o) I, too was having a "down" spell the past 2 months and just this week I'm finally feeling better about my future again, too. Someday things just feel so out of sorts I don't know why I'm doing anything and wonder "what for?". Well, I'm doing it for ME...something I never really did before. Feels kind of guilty...I hope that goes away. Please post more photos as you work on Dora :o)
    My Blogger is broken so I can only comment (sometimes) annonymousl :o(
    Your friend,

  3. thanks for sharing your thoughts..your one-lined posts always gave me a smile!..and you know these blogs don't always have to be about Rving..life is about the journey not the destination..Dora is waiting for you!!!

  4. As my Grandpap said, Some folks makes a hole in their mashed taters and puts the gravy in there, trying to eat them taters without it bustin' out. Others just pour the gravy all over the mashed tater pile and lets it run every which way. Either way them taters is mighty good.

    I.M. thinkin' that whatsoever way life takes y'all, yer gonna be all right cause yer a mighty good person to begin with.

    As an idea, when yer not feelin' like writin' yerownself, maybe you otta let Snoop write for ya, if ya know what I.M. means. After all, I.M. who I.M.


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