The Dream

If you are new here, we are Andy and Eileen and this is a journal of our pursuit of the American Dream.
For as long as I can remember I've had the urge to be a nomad. Never much cared for owning a big fancy home or other expensive "stuff". I'd much rather live in a comfortable portable home and roam the country. I've seen very little of this country and want to see more of it while I am still able. So now that my kids are grown, I'm working very hard toward early retirement and moving into the mobile Full-Time lifestyle. Yes, I'll still have to work, but I'm hoping to find fun ways to make enough to get by.

Since beginning this blog a few years ago, I have found a beautiful friend and travel companion with many of the same dreams and desires I have. (See the EILEEN page).

So follow along as we move in the direction of our dreams.



  1. Andy,

    Eileen and you get married? :)


    1. No not married. We were at a party with some friends.

  2. Ahhhhhh didn't mean to marry you off! :)



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